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Magnifique Magazine STEP 3 HAPPINESS - Marci Shimoff
STEP THREE of Magnifique Magazine's 12 Private Steps is about Happiness – choosing to live FROM Happiness rather than FOR it. When we master this technique, we better align ourselves with attracting more of the things that make us Happy (our dreams, goals and aspirations) because we are placing ourselves in the necessary vibrational harmony of happiness.
Every one of us has had at least one moment when our appreciation for life was so intense, it became awe. It’s at those times, when you feel both humbled and exalted, that you know you’re plugged into Spirit. Living from that place of wonder and joy is one of the keys to living a truly happy life.
People often ask Jack Canfield to share with them the basis of his success. Jack explains his secret to success involves four things, beginning with listening to your inner guidance and pursuing that with all your heart and soul. Uncover the other three secrets Jack practices to ensure his ongoing success, one day at a time.
Long-term exposer to negativity deadens our senses to the point that we may not even realize how we are being affected by it. If continued on a regular basis, like watching the evening news, we can become desensitized to bad news, to the point where we subconsciously accept it as ‘the norm’.
Marci Shimoff shares about a time in her life when she was reflecting on how she had achieved all the outer things she thought she needed to make her happy, but she was left with a feeling of emptiness and knew she wasn’t alone in feeling this way. So how can we be happy and experience deep and lasting fulfillment that feeds our soul? Marci reveals what happy people do from the inside out that enables them to live life with a sustained feeling of happiness.
"The Secret" vividly explained a powerful universal principle called the Law of Attraction. Simply put, whatever we think, feel and put our energy into, whether positive or negative, we magnetize to us. So, why don't we all have everything we want? Discover Marci Shimoff's favourite formula for successfully applying the Law of Attraction.
Building upon our last step – the Law of Vibration and how it influences the level of success we have with engaging the Law of Attraction – we can now make a conscious decision to sustain an inner resonance of joy on a daily basis that will ensure our happiness, no matter what.
IT IS YOUR CHOICE: Anthony Robbins - Marc Figueroa | Success Magazine
There is a single force that shapes the quality of our lives and has the power to change everything. We are where we are today because of the decisions we’ve made. Regardless of what we have experienced in the past, our history does not define our destiny. We all have the power to make new decisions that chart a new direction. We can choose a new destiny, starting today.

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