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Babies & Toddlers: Your Future Piano Students
Dorla Price Aparico has many years experience working with preschoolers (and even babies and toddlers). She shares her thoughts on why, as piano teachers, we should embrace this very young age group as they have the potential to become our future piano students. You can read her thoughts in Babies & Toddlers: Your Future Piano Students.
Notes with Nick By Nick Ambrosino and Play to Learn: Let's Play! By Michael Katz
Nick Ambrosino answers another question with some solid advice in Notes with Nick and Michael Katz returns with some more creative ideas to use with your students, this time related to playing scales. If you students are getting tired of scales about this time of year, Michael's ideas may be just the thing to spark new interest in what can, at times, be a tedious activity.
Preschool Success Start with the Right Mindset
For a slightly different perspective on working with the younger set, Tracy Selle shares her experiences in working with this age group in Preschool Success: Start with the Right Mindset.
Teens and Tweens: How to Keep Them Going When the Going Gets Tough
On the other end of the spectrum, Doreen Hall has some great advice about keeping teens and tweens in lessons during these often challenging years in Teens and Tweens: How to Keep Them Going When the Going Gets Tough. Doreen has also shared a piece she arranged for one of her students that you will want to download.
Mo Li Hua
Doreen was kind enough to share an arrangement of a piece she put together for one of her students. The piece, Mo Li Hua, can be found here.
A Piano Teacher's Guide to Transfer Students
Helping transfer students transition is something nearly every teacher goes through at some point. Sara Campbell shares her thoughts on this important topic having been both the transfer student and a teacher of transfer students. It is during the tween and teen years that transfers often take place and Sara will help you through the minefield with A Piano Teacher's Guide to Transfer Students.

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This Issue

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