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McGuffey's Eclectic Second Reader 1836
This little book is designed, as its title indicate, to succeed the “Eclectic First Reader”. The author is well aware of the important station which books of this grade occupy in the schoolroom, and, in view of this he has expended great labor and pains in the preparation. Many of the lessons are entirely new. Others have been re-composed, simplified, and divested of objectionable and unintelligible expressions; while some have been abridged, and otherwise modified, both in language and sentiment, that they might be easy of apprehension to that class of readers for which the book is designed. No one who has not had experience in the preparation of books for the schoolroom, or paid particular attention to this subject, can conceive how utterly unsuitable, for purposes of instruction, is much of the juvenile readings placed before our youth If this little volume should meet the wants of Teachers, and assist them in the instruction of their pupils, the author will be amply rewarded for his undertaking. The system of Spelling-Lessons, adopted in the First Reader, has been continued in the Second; and it is presumed, that those Teachers who have tested its utility, have had satisfactory demonstration of the beneficial effects of blending Spelling Lessons with Reading.

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