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Nature’s Antifreeze
How fish are helping scientists create less harmful road salts.
The Man Who Saved Airmail
How a brave pilot revolutionized the postal service.
The Seven Weirdest Ideas that Made People Multi-millionaires
Crazy ideas that turned into booming businesses.
A Nose For Business
Two brothers fighting stereotypes with an air freshener business.
The Great Sign Battle of 2021
How a friendly battle of wits created some unlikely friendships.
Like Kids On Christmas
The local bar that collects and distributes hundreds of bikes for toys for tots.
Breaking (Fry)bread
An inspiring woman’s dedication to sustainability and preserving her heritage.

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This Issue

About Thoughtful Business Magazine

There is no greater high than doing something thoughtful and asking for nothing in return.


If you are interested in business and believe in this ^ sentiment, you've come to the right place! Our magazine is for Old Soul Entrepreneurs; people who find deep satisfaction in making life a little better for their customers, employees, and communities.


The world of business focuses too much on the personal gains of entrepreneurship: money and independence. Sure, those things are nice, but we believe that the real reward of business is making someone’s day. There are a gazillion ways to do that, and we can show you how.


Our theory is this: doing good never fails. Because no matter what, you’ve helped someone, and you will feel all warm inside. And more often than not, when you do good, that good comes back to you.


Whether you are searching for a new, creative business idea or you’ve been open for decades, we may just have what you need to turn:

  • Customers into Fans
  • Employees into Friends
  • You into an admired entrepreneur who can’t wait to wake up every day and get to work

Well, we can’t promise all of that, or honestly any of it. But we are pretty darn confident that you will enjoy our magazine.

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