About Heart and Soil

Natalie was born and raised on an organic and biodynamic farm in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia Canada.


She brings a wealth of diverse experience in the farming industry to Heart & Soil Magazine with her entrepreneurial mindset, training in alternative medicine, and experience working with her family's award winning farm.


On the business side of regenerative farming, Natalie has pretty much done it all: from selling into stores, wholesalers, restaurants, and at farmers' markets throughout British Columbia. Working on the front lines of the emerging organic retail industry, she's  packed orders in organic warehouses, sold her family farm products into retailers across Canada such as Whole Foods, and discovered true healing through a brain injury while farming.


Natalie is passionate about discovering and sharing what makes a farm successful on all levels. It's not just about the food you grow. It's about connecting with your farm, the people you sell to, how you grow your business, how you take care of yourself as a farmer ... how you take care of your soil, and the land you farm, and how you care for and nurture the animals, wildlife, bugs and ecosystem.


Heart & Soil Magazine is Natalie's response to the increasing popularity of regenerative farming around the world, and the demand for quality information and advice.


Natalie also owns a small farm in Southeastern Saskatchewan.

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