About Freedom Sisters

The Founder of Freedom Sisters, served in the U.S. Army for 12-years, starting as a Private First Class and exiting as a senior Captain.  During her time in service, she served in Human Resources, Finance, Training, and Public Affairs; building critical and lasting systems for the Army that are still being utilized today.  As a young private she wrote the document Matrix for the new Interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System (iPERMS) and converted all her units' records from analog to digital.  As a Second Lieutenant, she was on the team to implement the Defense Travel System, developing the approval routes and lines of accounting used by the National Guard and created the training modules for the entire state of Missouri.  As a Captain, she stood up a new Public Affairs program for Army Aviation and was a critical member of the team to develop, record, and implement the Army Overwater Recovery Program.

In 2015, Kerri Jeter was crowned Ms. Veteran America and began advocating for her Sisters-in-Arms that had fallen on hard times.  As the spokeswoman for Final Salute, Inc, where she traveled, spoke, and informed the American People about the plight of homeless female Veterans, Kerri really grew a deep fondness and deeper appreciation for her sisters.  Although we have fought for our country and always been a volunteer force, it is clear that we are an underserved community that if given the right opportunity can and will change the world. Kerri saw it time and time again, even if a woman Veteran had become homeless or hit a different ‘rock bottom’, the moment when someone believed in her, she made a connection, or found a resource that could help her; she was able to find her purpose and live a life of meaning.

After actively pursuing her healing and faith, Kerri realized the need to fill in the gap for spiritual healing within the Woman Veteran community.  She launched Freedom Sisters Media with The Freedom Sisters Podcast to invite her sisters-in-service onto the show to share her soulful story to help others overcome, heal, thrive.  The conversations have been authentic, real, transparent, and vulnerable, the only place where true connection and healing begin is in that vulnerable state. 

As a result of conversations, once the recording stopped, Kerri saw a need to be the bridge for the 383K Women Veteran Business Owners and consumers. As a result of the lack of media to truly honor the service and success of women in and out of the uniform. There are so many amazing women who answered the call to service this nation and continue to serve long after the uniform is no longer worn, yet our stories of success are hidden from the world.

The Freedom Sisters Magazine changes that and we want you to be apart of the journey.  

This is just the beginning.


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