About EDM World

The year was 2002, and our founder Denice Dal Braccio was sitting in her room in New Jersey looking for an outlet to release the pain she felt after losing her mom to non-smokers lung cancer.

She tried watching tv, but that didn’t help. She tried going shopping, but that didn’t work either. Frustrated, she went home just as broken and depressed as before.

Laying in bed Denice put on her headphones and started listening to her favorite CD singing the lyrics, connecting to the words, melodies, and sounds which seemed to now have a different and deeper effect on her.

As many of us who gravitate towards EDM have experienced, she truly felt and connected with the music, and for the first time in ages, the clouds lifted.

From that day on she knew she'd found the transformational piece in her life. Music could save, change, and transform lives; she wanted to help others who were going through tough times in their lives, too.

The Question Was: How?

She searched for the easiest way to spread the message of music.

By 2013 she knew anything was possible so she quit her day job and started a worldwide magazine to do just that, and EDM World Magazine was born!

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