About Hyper Growth

In the beginning...

Because Coach Gusty does his coaching either across the desk or across the internet, he gets to interact with a variety of entrepreneurs.

When he first started out many, many years ago, he was talking with a florist in Great Falls, Montana, (name withheld) and asked her what business she was in.

She aptly replied, "I'm in the flower business!"

He then asked her if she was open to thinking about it a different way.

She said, "Yes, of course."

Coach Gusty said to her, "What would you say if I suggested to you that you were in the 'first impressions' business?

People buy flower to impress other people; and more importantly since you are in the first 'impression business'... timing is everything."

She had a problem with her drivers not delivering flowers on time or making a second effort to deliver them on time.

She said, "Yes, I can see that."

He said, "If you discuss that with your drivers, and they understand it, they'll make a better effort to actually get the flowers delivered that day because leaving a note saying we will be back tomorrow or come and pick them up – just kills the moment."

Same Question, Different Business

In this case his client was Johnny's Fine Dining (once again not the name).

"What business are you in?"

Johnny replied ... "The fine food business."

Coach Gusty asked, "Are you open to looking at it a different way?"

Johnny replied, "Absolutely!"

Coach Gusty told the restauranteur that he'd been at his business last night and sat at the bar which was beside the main door.

From the bar you could see and hear people coming in to the dining room. There was a young couple on a date, a middle-aged couple that seemed to be celebrating an anniversary, two excited business people in a joyous discussion, and others.

Coach Gusty said, "I think you're in the 'feel good' business. People come here to feel good about the surroundings, the meal, the drink and life in general."

Johnny was so impressed with the idea that he put the slogan right in his menu with his personal promise to deliver!

Why Do These Stories Matter?

It's to segue into what business HyperGrowth Entrepreneur magazine is in: We believe we're in the 'TRANSFORMATION' business.

Your Transformation Journey

HyperGrowth Entrepreneur magazine wants to help you get from where you are today to where you really want be. Because after all biggest enemy is the status quo.

At HyperGrowth Entrepreneur magazine we want to help you to shift your business into high-growth mode and help you optimize that growth.

Managing any business today is tough...and getting tougher. We're all faced with more demanding customers, more and stronger competition, increased complexity and shrinking margins. Mediocrity, or second place is no longer an option. On top of that, great staff is hard to find, lead and keep...and that problem won't go away any time soon.

There are surprisingly few businesses and few activities in business that really ring the cash register and make money. The easiest and fastest way to instantly transform your business results is to change the strategy you follow.

"Most companies, by the way, are not even strategic. They are tactical." - Jay Abraham.

We want to change all that.

Realize Your Businesses Potential: The Litmus Test

Can you take four weeks holiday, know your business is running smoothly, and not check back with the office?

The majority of business owners say "No!" If so, you need to do something about it look for the answer in HyperGrowth Entrepreneur magazine.


The 1st step in transformation is admitting you have a problem... regardless what it is.

Logic does not always win the day. Emotion is a bigger component in the human psyche.

Mindset marries them.

Coach Gusty sees this all the time ... especially during the "AH Ha Moment" in coaching.

It usually happens at least once per client – with life changing effects.

Case in point. Coach Gusty had a client named Wendy (not her real name) who owned her successful professional services business for a good number of years. When he first looked at her service offering, the quality of work (backed by testimonials) and compared it to her competitors; her offering was clearly underpriced.

Coach Gusty recommend increasing her price because her family deserved better. "Think of what you could do with the extra profit."

Wendy was steadfast in saying that her price would not change because she could not overcome her fear that she could lose everything because it had happened to her in a past life.

After that, she took her family on short vacation and being prudent she stayed in a moderate hotel. When she came back from her holiday, she called Coach Gusty and said, "My family deserves better... I'm increasing my prices!" She did it and was very successful.


You know that to grow you need to be learning more, but you don't always have time to do all the research keeping up with what's new. Now you can leave all that to HyperGrowth Entrepreneur magazine – and we give it to you all in one place.

Getting Practical Skills

Through his results-based approach to marketing, selling, and business development, built on over 30 years of proven corporate and entrepreneurial experience, what you'll learn from Coach and the all-star contributors in HyperGrowth is about being responsible for everything from patents to processes, pricing to positioning, and people to profit.

Coach Gusty has coached numerous top performing individuals who have gone on to be leaders in the North American Bio – Tech and Life Sciences field including Presidents and key executives.

He has conducted over 1,000 face to face interviews recruiting "A" Players to be on his high performance teams that have won numerous national awards as well as being recognized for excellence in customer service by customers and independent third parties.

Coach Gusty has been in the winner's circle many times and knows how to get you there. He has been solving problems at the corporate level as well as significantly increasing the bottom lines of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Coach Gusty has the talent to identify the signs that limit and hamper business growth and provide innovative solutions. He has been blessed to have some clients who have been with him for over 8 years!

What People Say about Coach Gusty

"I first hired Coach Gusty for our high-performance fast track managers. The results were immediate and extremely positive ... it is now two years later and we've continued to use Coach Gusty every week. If you want a competitive advantage...hire Coach Gusty." ~ Neil Douglas VP – Univar

"He not only likes to speak one-on-one but also as a professional speaker. From the moment Coach Gusty walks on stage, you will know you are in for a treat. You can count on him to get your audience fired up ready to conquer the world in one moment and people wiping away tears the next; from challenging their way of thinking to reaching a dangerous level of sheer laughter.

But most of all Coach Gusty doesn't want to just entertain but, as a coach, he wants them to actually do with what they have learnt.

Coach Gusty is the quintessential story teller and has the rare talent to take complex issues and make them easy to understand – like Buridan's donkey.

"Coach Gusty, you presented an outstanding seminar which was a significant factor to the success of our conference, Doctors told us 'Amazing, kept me hooked the whole time!' We look forward to having you back." ~ Stacey Dominiuk - Event coordinator - AB Assoc. Optometrists