About Magnificent Metamorphosis Magazine

Elizabeth M. Lykins, PA-C, MPAS is the founder and publisher of Magnificent Metamorphosis Magazine - Inspiration for  Positive Change, a quarterly digital mindfulness-based magazine available for phones, tablets (Apple and Android),  and desktop browsers. 

Elizabeth is also the author of Reflections on Transcendence,  a mindfulness-based book of meditations, featuring the paintings of renowned expressionist artist, Steven D. Lyons, available at online booksellers worldwide.  Her publications are specifically designed to direct the reader out of their intellect and into a reflective space, to receiving personal insights and guidance from within.

Ms. Lykins has extensive training and experience in emergency medicine and urgent care.  She attended medical school in Seattle, Washington, at the University of Washington School of Medicine. She has been practicing medicine since 1996. She has received training and certifications in NLP, Transformational Coaching, EFT, CBT-I, clinical hypnotherapy, and life/success coaching.  She utilizes the Three Principles understanding by Sydney Banks, the works of Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, and others, in her approach with clients and in her publications. Contributing authors are carefully selected for inclusion in each issue, and edited for content that both inspires and promotes inner transformation.