About RV Destinations Travel

We are Randy and Caly Behymer and we created RV Destinations Magazine for the RV traveler and adventurer. Whether you are traveling in Class A, B, or C motorhome, travel trailer, backpack, or tent this magazine is designed to tug at your travel heart-strings and make you want to explore new places and revisit the familiar with a new eye. We created this magazine to make you want to get out and memorialize the world around you, with tips on places to see, things to do, and tricks for photographing it the best.


We, like so many others, have a love for traveling, whether domestically or internationally. Not only do we love visiting new places to experience the culture, historical aspects, try new cuisine, and seeing new scenery, but we love to walk, and even more, we love to hike. We are convinced that given enough time and hikes, we could solve all the world's problems. We love that it’s just the two of us and our dogs, and we are immersed in nature, marveling in all that God has created. Sometimes we are silent and just listen to our own breathing (or huffing) and other times we don’t seem to have enough miles to cover all the things we want to talk about. It was on one such hike that the idea for RV Destinations Magazine was birthed. How could we combine our love of travel, hiking, traveling to new places, and documenting it through photography with others? We’ve had wonderful local dining experiences and discovered some fun roadside attractions. We’ve camped across the harbor from Manhattan and found a campground in Washington that felt as if you were at the end of the world. We’ve hiked through rain forests and through the desert. We’ve seen a black bear in the Smoky Mountains and heard the coyotes calling to one another across Palo Duro Canyon. How could we possibly share all of this with other fellow RV'ers, travelers, and photographers? That’s when we had our “a-ha” moment. There was no other magazine that focused only on the destination for the RV'er with campground reviews, hiking recommendations, things to do in the area, and tips and tricks on how to photograph it the best way possible. There wasn’t until now. 


We hope you are as excited about RV Destinations Magazine as we are. We hope this magazine inspires you to visit new places that you might not have before. So get out there, explore new places, keep an open mind, and above all, happy camping. 


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