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1) Dystinct Report - by Flynn Eldridge (Journalist at Dystinct.org https://dystinct.org/team/flynn-eldridge/)
9-year-old journalist Flynn Eldrige interviews Karen Willson, the director of Simply Homeschool, to find out facts about homeschool and whether Minecraft is a part of homeschooling.
2) What’s Language Got to do With It? The Impact of Language on Literacy - By Julia J. Yi (Speech-Language Pathologist ShiningStarsTherapy.org & Ph.D. candidate at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
Julia J. Yi demystifies the construct of language by explaining the relationship between language and literacy.
3) The Dystinct Journey of Alyce Sophia Procter (Artist and director at ArtExploreres11.com)
The inspiring story of a 32-year-old dyslexic and neurodivergent art teacher who operates out of a shipping container converted to a stunning studio in picturesque Emerald in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, Australia.
4) Motivating Students with Dyslexia to learn - By Dr. Gad Elbeheri (Author, Speaker, Educator, Chairman of Global Educational Consultants, Egypt GadElbeheri.com)
Dr. Gad Elbeheri describes the various aspects of motivation and how to use that knowledge to motivate students with dyslexia to learn.
5) The Dystinct Journey of Skylar Lahoda - written by Linda Hymel
Linda Hymel shares a story of struggles and perseverance, an ongoing journey their family is going through in the public school system with their wonderful 16-year-old daughter Skylar Lahoda.
6) A problem shared is a problem halved: how partnerships can help navigate the journey-By Kathryn Thorburn (Speech Pathologist and Teacher - LanguageAndLearning.com.au)
Kathryn Thorburn discusses the practical aspects of the implementation of collaborative consultation, and effective partnerships between schools, families, and external providers for an effective educational outcome
7) The Dystinct Journey of Diezel Reef (entrepreneur and owner of Diez-ign)
The story of 15-year-old Diezel Reef and his mum Adrianne Skye who listened to him and helped mould Diezel to become the successful athlete, woodworker, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur that he is now.
8) THREE HOMESCHOOL STRATEGIES – THE KEYS TO SUCCESS– Karen Willson (Teacher & Director of Simply Homeschool SimplyHomeschool.com.au )
Karen Willson discusses how homeschooling is a fast-growing educational sector in Australia and suggests practical strategies that homeschooling parents of children with learning difficulties can employ to maximise the impact of their homeschooling.
9) Dystinct Report by Logan Monro (Student at Blank Canvas Awareness Art BlankCanvasAwarenessArt.com)
11-year-old journalist Logan Monro’s report of his visit to the selfie museum with other kids at the Empowerment Camp organised by Blank Canvas Awareness Art.
10) Ten practices that support effective literacy teaching– By Clare Wood (Founder, Tiny Steps Make Big Strides Literacy Clinic. TinyStepsMakeBigStrides.com)
Clare Wood outlines ten effective classroom practices that can support and scaffold successful learning from the beginning of children’s education journey.
11) Perceptions about Dyslexia Across Various Cultures- by Stephen Emmanuel (Researcher, Ph.D. candidate and founder of Inclusive Classroom Nigeria, InclusiveNigeria.org)
Stephen Emmanuel discusses the prevalence of dyslexia and perceptions around it across various cultures and languages and the need for culturally and linguistically responsive practices in planning educational services for students with dyslexia.
12) The Dystinct Journey of Scott Berry
The story of an award-winning movie maker Scott Berry (ScottBerryFilms.com), from Australia who is beginning to feel the joy in asking for help after recently embracing his diagnosis of dyslexia after years of trying to hide his struggles.

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About Dystinct Magazine

Dystinct Magazine seeks to find the extra ordinary that lies within the ordinary. Every dyslexic child is blessed to be distinctively different. We have set out to identify and nurture these differences to instil a strong sense of achievement in children who are often forgotten about. We also bring to you relevant up to date advice from leading experts in the industry to help you navigate the path to success.

1 in 5 children who pass through our one size fits all education system are on the dyslexia continuum, diagnosed or not. They are repeatedly dismissed as too dumb or unaidable leaving desperate parents with very few avenues to turn to. Our beautiful children are broken by the very system that is meant to nurture and raise them. These are promising young minds who are made to feel worthless over and over again because the system has failed to recognise their differences. Their struggles are often brushed under the rug or the system recognises their existence but lacks the capacity to make the changes necessary to accommodate their uniqueness.

There is a need to change the narrative around dyslexia from that of ‘slow’, ‘not working hard enough’, ‘lazy’ to one of hardworking, passionate, uniquely different and worthy.

Dystinct Magazine aims to instill a strong sense of self-worth in dyslexic children who have had unfair opportunities chipping away at their self-esteem throughout their existence. Our mission is to foster a community that celebrates the difference of dyslexia.

Not every dyslexic child is magically a genius. Oftentimes, we spend hours looking for the genius or outside the box thinking in our dyslexic kids failing to realise that it was in them all along, hidden in plain sight under the years self-doubt and shame that the society ingrained in them for not matching up to their peers. We aim to peel back at these negative layers of damaged self-esteem and provide the children with a platform to truly appreciate their uniqueness, take pride in their difference and revel in the knowledge that within their difference, lies their strength.

We are here with a commitment to empower dyslexics and their champions so that, they can discover the strengths within themselves and appreciate the uniqueness that dyslexia has offered them.

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