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From a Backpack to the World
Urban Soul Apparel is a Botswana based urban wear retail business founded by Molefi Nkwete in 2001. Inspired by the Hip Hop culture at the age of 19, with only a student allowance as his startup capital, he sold T-shirts from a backpack and successfully transformed the side hustle into a well-established business. Urban Soul Apparel is a competitive brand that is penetrating the African continent and the world. This article showcases Molefi Nkwete’s entrepreneurial journey and shares valuable takeaways that budding enterprenuers can learn from.
Hiking to the Apex of Self Actualization
“ Find your purpose,” is Simmon Phuthego’s guiding principle. His athleticism and love for adventure have been evident from a young age. Having undertaken two successful Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt Elbrus expeditions, he is inspired to fulfil his Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal-to climb all the seven summits of the world. The article unpacks his mountaineering career and some key lessons from the sport of mountaineering and how he intends to collaborate with the business community to promote his country and inspire young people.
Surprise Customers with What They Do Not Expect
Organizations need not spend too much time and effort on customer centric initiatives. All they need is an intimate understanding of the customer, and always try to give customers “what they do not expect”. These are the kind of interventions that get everyone in the value chain talking and word of mouth is the best Marketing tool.
Entrepreneurship and Mental Health
The challenges faced by entrepreneurs, especially those starting their businesses for the first time, can lead to mental health concerns. In this article I talk more about this and suggest tools and techniques that can be used to help entrepreneurs maintain their mental health and well-being, as well as build their resilience and have a positive outlook despite the daily stresses.
How To Avoid Losing Money on the Internet
Since the increased online activity due to the Covid pandemic, cybercriminals have devised schemes to swindle consumers out of their hard-earned money. The founder and Managing Director for Intellegere Holdings, Itumeleng Garebatshabe, shares valuable tips on how SMEs can protect their hard-earned finances when transacting online.
How To Stop The "Do Nothing" Syndrome
Get inspired to get in action and crush your goals. The articles shares steps one can take to execute their goals.
Choosing a Name That Counts
This article provides guidance on how to choose a distinctive trademark to set your brand apart from other brands. It also cautions against choosing names that are similar to registered or established brands.
Interview with Author of The Power Chase
Enterprising Africa Magazine engages Paul More on his experiences when writing the The Power Chase. Most importantly, Paul More shares advice with potential writers on what producing a good fiction entails.
The Power Chase: A Novel by Paul Batshedi More
An in-depth review of the novel The Power Chase. “In conclusion, The Power Chase provides a profound lesson in business management and leadership. The corporate world is replete with examples of companies, which have gone under because they failed to observe corporate governance principles,” By Titus Mbuya.
Why Building Trust Should Be Your Next Biggest Investment in Your Organisation
Trust is the key to a high-functioning team or organisation, and the leader is the role-model, especially when times are tough. This article describes the main benefits of a high-trust organisation and five core competencies or personality traits of leaders who inspire trust. Being able to maintain trust, as well as setting clear standards and expectations, are the hallmarks of a highly successful leader.
Don’t Mix Business and Pleasure
Building a business is tough and you need to stay focused and disciplined, so don’t muddy the waters when it comes to your finances. Keep your business and personal finances separate – your future self will thank you for this one day!
Book Highlight-A Taste for Life, How the Spur Legend was Born:Allen Ambor
Courtsesy of Tafelburg-NB Publishers, Enterprising Africa Magazine highlights Allen Ambor’s new book, which reveals how he built the Spur empire. Spur started in 1967 and grew into an empire that boasts more than 500 franchises under the Spur, Panarottis, John Dory’s and RocoMamas brands. A An excerpt from the book is included.
Book Highlight-How to Start a Side Hustle, A playbook for a new economy-Nic Haralambous
A book highlight courtesy of Tafelburg-NB Publishers-In this book, Nic Haralambous helps upcoming enterprenuers to take their first steps towards side hustle they have been dreaming about. A book excerpt is included.
Book Highlight-Native Merchants, The Building of the Black Business Class in South Africa
In collaboration with Tafelburg-NB Publishers, Enterprising Africa Magazine highlights this riveting book by Phakamisa Ndzamela, which tells a story about black South African men and women who have built successful enterprises in diverse industries such as agriculture, media, financial services, retail, real estate, transport and hospitality. An excerpt from the book is also featured.

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