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Wendy Nagel-Creating magic in TEAMS through SAFETY, SHARED RISK and PURPOSE
A look at what is required of leaders to create teams who achieve amazing things together according to Daniel Coyle’s book The Culture Code. A four year study into what makes for high performance teams. It looks at 3 fundamental pillars for creating winning cultures, namely; Leaders need to build safety, create shared risk and craft the purpose of the team. It’s no easy feat, but with the right intent and focus, it will unlock the best of each individual and so the best for the team.
Wilie Snyman-Living in the Why
A compelling submission to help readers discover their purpose.
Branson Center of Entrepreneurship -Discover your purpose(Pride Maunatlala and Nwabisa Mayema)
Podcast featuring Pride Maunatlana and Nwabisa Mayema as they provide guidance on how individuals and businesses can discover their purpose
Christopher Odongo -Failing to plan? Then, Plan to Fail! Business Strategy Simplified.
A simplified roadmap for businesses on formulating a strategic plan for acquiring new customers and growing their revenues.
Claire Holden- Appreciative Leadership
Managing millennials requires a different approach as opposed to traditional leadership. This article provides a detailed approach on how businesses can be inclusive and adaptive to the needs of millennials,
Sazi Ndwandwa-Fear, Courage. Faith and Doubt.
Inspiring article on how to understand, deal with fear and doubt.
Kago Sethoko-The Clothing Bank :Empowering Communities Through Entrepreneurship
An article about The Clothing Bank, an award winning South African based social enterprise that trains unemployed mothers to become self-sustaining entrepreneurs.
Interview with Thato Khomela-Creating a Successful Business from Art.
An interview with a young, groundbreaking Botswana based artist transforming art into business.
Efua Efun -Ghana's Veronica Onuman Spins African Fashion and Cuisine into 'Gold'
A story showcasing Veronica's businesses and how she manages challenges affecting her SME.
DR Uchenna-How Aspirations Power Customer Lifetime Value in Africa
A compelling installment on why businesses undergo customer leakage and strategies for customer retainment.
Pan MacMillan South Africa

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Enterprising Africa Magazine is filling the void that exists for well-curated, best practice advice for Africa's rapidly expanding small business and entrepreneur community.

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​This magazine comes at an extraordinary time in our lifetime in Africa, a time when entrepreneurship in Africa is rising; a time when we need to be more aware than ever of business trends and new opportunities; a time of the pandemic when we need to be more connected to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses for the 21st century.

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