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Penny Holburn-Signs that You Have a Viable Business Idea
For many people the idea of starting a business can be exciting, or scary, or often both. Before you even start working on your business you need to determine whether your business idea is a good one. For instance, you need people who will want to buy your products and services. You need to be able to sell your product and services for more than it costs to produce them. In this article Penny Holburn explores questions you need to think about before you go ahead and put money and time into setting up a business.
DR Dorrian Aiken-Why Leaders need to Adopt a Deep Work Strategy to be Better
Do you find, even with your best intentions, that you are easily distracted at work? Find out the difference between ‘deep work’ and 'shallow work’ and how to improve your focus and efficiency at work when it really matters.
Claire Holden-Incremental Changes for Monumental Gains
By continuously evaluating and making changes to your business-as-usual, you can improve your processes for incrementally better results. Claire Holden breaks down the techniques you can adopt to improve your productivity and processes.
Growth Through Collaborations
Some start when they are young and Morapedi Moipolai is one of them. Starting out as a dj, he evolved his company into an event management, lighting, audio and stage rental business. Collaborations are central to the businesses' growth and continues to leverage on alliances. Small businesses can pick up some critical lessons from his journey.
Coaching to Rekindle Dreams
Kebonyemodisa Dose Mosimanyane's guiding principle is 'You don’t have to be in a position of power to make a difference in peoples’ lives.' He is a self-made atheletics coach. Under his guidance, young Batswana athletes are living their dreams and their impressive perfomance has caught the attention of the world. The articles shares his journey and lessons budding coaches can learn from.
Paul Batshedi More-Critical Lease Clauses for Commercial Properties During and Post COVID-19 Era.
COVID-19 has demonstrated to the world that commercial property is not immune to the harrowing effects of epidemics and pandemics. Paul More, a qualified real estate professional, guides other investors how they should adapt their lease agreements to accomodate not only Acts of God but be broadened to cover even government orders, epidemics and pandemics. All these fall within the scope of unforeseen or unforeseeable events.
Ruvarashe Florence Chirimuta: AfCFTA -The Challenges and Opportunities Ahead.
Achieving a common continental market has the potential to transform lives in Africa. Through the African Continental Free Trade Area this dream can be realised. This agreement is a game-changer for Africa, however, its full implementation is not going to happen overnight. In this article we look at both the opportunities and challenges that need to be overcome for this agreement to be successfully implemented.
DR Uchenna Uzo, Emmanuel Adediran and Jubril Salaudeen-How to Succeed in Unstructured African Markets.
Africa is the home of unstructured markets in the world. Businesses seeking market penetration must first understand how Africa's unstructured markets operate. This article provides approaches that businesses can utilise to win and gain a foothold in these unique environments.
NB Publishers: Malcolm Ray-The Tyranny of Growth
The Tyranny of Growth is a modern epic that exposes the lie of economic growth. It provocatively recounts how the 2008 global financial meltdown and COVID-19 pandemic have become the leading cause of governments' and multilateral institutions' global spectacular failure. It brilliantly explains how a single number - GDP - came to have such bewildering power over our lives, despite its ruinous consequences. But ultimately the book strives to illuminate a new way of imagining the world.
NB Publishers: Nikolaos Kirkinis, Junior Khanye-Ghetto Ninja The Junior Khanye Story
This book, with its wealth of stories from both on and off the pitch, tells of the making of a soccer sensation. Junior shares his experience of poverty, the death of his brother, soccer stardom, alcoholism, the murder of his father, and raising children, with great honesty. Much more than a sports biography, Ghetto Ninja is Junior Khanye’s tragic, yet triumphant story. It is impossible to put down.
Penguin Random House SA :WARREN INGRAM-Global Investing Made Easy
Investing overseas can be a very intimidating, even scary, subject. Even though many of us would love to invest internationally, we have limited information on how and where to place our money. This book demystifies global investing by providing novice investors with practical guidelines on how to invest overseas while helping them to avoid the inherent pitfalls.
Penguin Random House SA:LAURENS BOEL-MILLIONAIRE IN THE MAKING Building Generational Wealth by Investing Wisely
The book focuses on property investing as a foundation for wealth. The reader will be armed with secrets to investing in South Africa’s lucrative property market, such as finding below-market-value deals, leveraging other people’s money and using efficient tax structures. Plus, you’ll get advice on wealth-generation strategies like trading and starting a business.

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