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Style File - Funk - Part II
In last month's "Style File" column we looked at the basics of Funk guitar and more specifically we broke down 16th notes rhythms to its bare essentials. If you want to play funk then you need to know how to read and play 16th notes as it forms the bulk of the funk rhythm across the board.
Technical Difficulties - Arpeggio Study
This month we have another arpeggio study. Rhythmically things are a bit more exciting as it's not just straight eighth notes like we've had before. Listen to the rhythm on the video a few times and once you have that try and play along with the arpeggios.
Compose Your Own Rock Riffs - Part II
This month we'll check out a few other approaches but we'll stick to the A minor pentatonic scale so that you can see the power of these different approaches that'll allow you to create totally different sounding riffs even though we're using the same chords and scale.
Spice Up Your Playing - DADGAD Tuning - Part II
Welcome to part II of the DADGAD series. In last month's issue we looked at the basics of this tuning along with some voicings and pieces. This month I'll show you a few new pieces along with some minor voicings.
Danny Bryant - Hurricane CD Review & Interview
Danny Bryant has been on the European blues scene for over a decade. Still only 32, he carved out a name for himself the old-fashioned way having played over 2000 club and festival shows around the world. He is backed by his rhythm section of his father Ken Bryant on bass and Trevor Barr on drums.
Diminished Concepts
I remember studying guitar with a giant of a player who sadly wasn't very well know in guitar circles across the world but believe me some of the world's best players knew him quite well. In fact he was at one time one of Eric Clapton's favourite guitar players and one of John McClaughlin's best friends. His name was Johnny Fourie and he played jazz like it was nobodies business.

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Guitar Skills Magazine, our interactive, bi-monthly guitar magazine helps you to become a better guitarist with proven tips, tricks & techniques. 

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Every issue has a style study and a collection of technical exercises that have been designed to improve your technique and will help you to get better & faster results than traditional methods.

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