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Feature Article -- Guitar Talk: How To Get Unstuck
If you feel like you're in a rut with your playing and not making progress, then this article will give seven ways to help you break out and get to the next level in your playing.
Rhythm Rules - Blues Rhythm
Blues Rhythm with Open D Tuning. We looked at the open D Tuning in the opening article of this issue so I figured that it would a good idea to give you another two examples in open D.
Technical Difficulties - Sequencing
Love it or hate it, but you need to work on your technique so that your fingers can keep up with what you're hearing in your head.
Classic Riffs
Let's dig deeper into the riffs for Paranoid, Iron Man and Back in Black.
Gear - Dragon's Heart Picks
Check out our review on Dragon's Heart Pick.
Soloing School - Blues Soloing with Chord Tones
In this section I'll be playing over the pieces we looked at in the Rhythm Rules section

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This Issue

About Guitar Skills Magazine

Guitar Skills Magazine, our interactive, bi-monthly guitar magazine helps you to become a better guitarist with proven tips, tricks & techniques. 

This is not an ordinary guitar magazine for two reasons.

  • Premium HD video lessons embedded right inside the magazine.
  • You're able to learn from all the lessons and not just a select few as with traditional guitar mags.

In issue #01 - you'll discover the right way to practice, in order to get fast results. There's also the first instalment of the "Beginners Crash Course" which is a step-by-step formula for learning guitar.

You'll also discover why even beginners are able to play the blues, to get smoking hot results, plus loads more.

Every issue has a style study and a collection of technical exercises that have been designed to improve your technique and will help you to get better & faster results than traditional methods.

We are confident to offer you an extraordinary learning experience!

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