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Spice Up Your Playing - Triads
In last month's issue we looked at the importance of triads and how you can use them to spice up your playing. Triads are very handy plus it will help you piece together the different parts of the neck.
Soloing School - 12 Rock Licks
This month we're checking out 12 rock licks which I then used to play a solo over a basic rock backing in E. Licks are very helpful when learning to solo since it gives you something to work with and at the same time you're learning new vocabulary along with the practical application of technique.
Technical Difficulties - Arpeggios
Arpeggios are a great way to learn the guitar neck and improve your technique at the same time. In this month's example you will see a series of ascending and descending diatonic arpeggios all played on the 5th and 4th strings.
Acousitc Guitar - Discover New Voicings, Have More Fun
Don't allow the sheer magnitude of available voicings and shapes to overwhelm you. Instead, learn a few new ones and use them in your playing. You'll get to the rest when you have time. The important point here is that you put to use what you learn in a musical context.
Classical Song - Greensleeves
Greensleeves is a popular renaissance style classical tune that needs to be in every guitarist's repertoire. It'a a lovely tune and easy to play since everything is performed in the open position.
Classic Riffs
Welcome to the new series, Classic Riffs! Every month we'll check out a few classic riffs that you can learn in a couple of minutes and then jam for hours. Pretty sweet deal right?

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This Issue

About Guitar Skills Magazine

Guitar Skills Magazine, our interactive, bi-monthly guitar magazine helps you to become a better guitarist with proven tips, tricks & techniques. 

This is not an ordinary guitar magazine for two reasons.

  • Premium HD video lessons embedded right inside the magazine.
  • You're able to learn from all the lessons and not just a select few as with traditional guitar mags.

In issue #01 - you'll discover the right way to practice, in order to get fast results. There's also the first instalment of the "Beginners Crash Course" which is a step-by-step formula for learning guitar.

You'll also discover why even beginners are able to play the blues, to get smoking hot results, plus loads more.

Every issue has a style study and a collection of technical exercises that have been designed to improve your technique and will help you to get better & faster results than traditional methods.

We are confident to offer you an extraordinary learning experience!

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