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From Russia with Love
Svetlana Zvyagintseva has the most famous Dogo Argentino in the world. In this issue she gives us a behind the scenes look of Franky's story and opens the curtain on how she grew Franky's instagram to over 100,000 followers and counting.
Becoming Alpha
A dog, by definition is a pack animal, and within this pack there is always a pecking order. Your dog sees your family as his pack. Usually dogs are quick to learn and understand their place at the lower end of the pack... but some dogs have difficulty with this.
Rethinking Spay & Neuter
Ingrained in popular culture is the notion of pet overpopulation. To bolster that campaign, we are told that a sterilized pet is happier, healthier and longer lived than one who remains in tact. What are the facts? They may surprise you.
Rock Starr Kennel Bringing the Heat
Cane Corsos at a glance are intimidating dogs.An understated air of calm competence, the kind of look you'd expect from a bodyguard. In this Interview, Rock Starr Kennels takes us through the ins and outs of what it takes to raise these majestic dogs, how to train, feed and interact with them so they reach maximum potential.
From Shelter to Service
As it turns out, recent research has provided some insight into the strength of the human-dog bond in one particular population: veterans with Service Dogs. Simple, yet profound: the bond between a veteran and his or her Service Dog is far stronger than the bond between a pet dog and owner.
8 Things Tour Dog Doesn't Like About You
We want our dogs to be our best friends, but it's not just our pets that need to make adjustments. Here are a few just for you...
Large Dogs and The Law
Different Laws For Different Size Dogs? It is indicative of a fast-developing trend in "the law of dogs" with which every large dog owner should be acquainted. If the direction is carried to its logical conclusion, it could increase a dog owner's legal responsibility and even raise the cost of his insurance.

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This Issue

About Molosser World Magazine

Molosser World Magazine is the voice for the large dog working breed community and a staunch advocate for owners, breeders, and enthusiasts of the majestic molosser type breeds.

We don't refer to our dogs as fur babies, and you definitely won't find any matchy outfit advice for you and your dog to coordinate. We prefer our dogs large, powerful and bred with purpose!

Our contributors are leading experts in their fields of expertise and sometimes, their insights may be outside the mainstream or go against the grain, but as independent thinkers that's just the way we like it. Because we want to give you information that's ahead of the curve!

Get inspired by what other Molosser owners are doing and teaching, hear from experts sharing their strategies. Learn from our product reviews, apps and HD video tutorials within the magazine.

Reach out to global experts, make connections, participate and share experiences within our global platform. Save time and money with our hands on technology guides and how-to articles.

We release a new edition of Molosser World here on magsfast and also on dedicated IOS and Android apps every two months. You can purchase a single issue or get substantial discounts on monthly/annual subscriptions.

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