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Breeding of The Brave
The Dogo Argentino is as interesting as it is provocative. In this issue, we meet with the Bilo family of Malal Conjahen Kennel from Rio Negro Argentina. Gonzalo Bilo gives us a brief history of the breed and shares how the family patriarch, Amadeo Bilo played a major role in the development of the function and purpose of this incredible breed.
Animal Control Nightmare
Her Nightmare could become yours in this interesting tale. It's true, Animal Control Officers CAN be your worst nightmare (if you're not proactive). Learn how to prevent this nightmare from becoming your own. And be sure to download your free copy of, What to do When Animal Contro is at your door! You'll be glad you did.
5 Steps to Smarter Pups
The military has found that early neurological stimulation exercises can have meaningful and lasting effects on your dog. Learn these 5 steps and it will benefit your dogs for the rest of their lives.
Channeling Prey Drive
You'll hear again and again - don't play tug with your dog! Whether from trainers, veterinarians, or behavior experts, what this statement misses is context. Camille Salter offers us some insightful ways to Channeling Prey Drive.
Vet Bills Making You Yelp?
If you feel you're being held hostage by the high cost of vet bills, this is the article for you.
Dog Aggression
Have behaviors or beliefs Gone wrong? You may not like what you read here, but it still won't change the facts! Gaby Dufresne shares her professional insights in this article.
Avocados - Healthy Food for Dogs
Avocados are one of the few fruits that most dogs love according to a Veterinary professor at Iowa State University, this fruit enhances hair quality as well as skin tone and more.
Surf Hounds
Surf hounds come in all shapes and sizes. Most are mongrels and look like composites of about a dozen different breeds, but many are unmistakably pedigreed. It makes one wonder how the owners of such valuable dogs could let them run around wild, not so much on the beach, but on the streets, where traffic is a constant danger.

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This Issue

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Molosser World Magazine is the voice for the large dog working breed community and a staunch advocate for owners, breeders, and enthusiasts of the majestic molosser type breeds.

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