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I am a Breeder
With all the dogmatic (pun intended) perspectives surrounding the business of dog breeding. This quick read offers an authentic insight into the life of a dog breeder.
The American Molossus
Originally referred to as the "Nasuru Urban" translated to GUARD DOG OF DEATH then changed to Molossus. This close quarter guardian was used to protect villages, people, children and other animals from predators and enemies. In part 1 of this 2 part series Marcus Curtis shares the history of the ancient Molossus and what inspired him to resurrect this ancient guardian..
Affordable Pet Insurance
Health insurance for your pets makes good sense. A good policy can keep you out of a financial quagmire of emergency vet bills.
10 ways CBD Oil Can Help
Clinical trials show that CBD is very effective at receiving many issues. We explore the top ten ways CBD can help with both common and not so common ailments.
Bad Veterinarians & Good Ones
There are still alot of vets who, despite being kind and sympathetic to people, believe that what they think about your dog is more important than what you think. These Sages are relics of an old model! The paradigm has shifted, and they can come along willingly or be dragged.
The Importance of Fats in Your Dogs Diet
It's SO important heart health is taken into consideration early and daily. Here are some quick tips to set your dog on the right track for a healthy heart.
The Designer Breed Registry
The Designer breed registry is the foundation that will carry the designer dog breeds into the future. The DBR registry is the stepping stone for new and exiting breeds by dedicated and knowledgable breeders.These individuals were pioneers into what would become the greatest dog digression from the "acceptable establishment breeder behavior"
Defending The Cross
Where is it written, aside from somebody’s silly ass standard, that we want cookie cutter dogs? Anyone in animal husbandry, and most genuine dog men, have known forever that there is payoff in outside blood. The extent and degree to which this may be fad driven remains to be seen...
Bully Beds
As large breed dog owners, one of the biggest choices you have to make is choosing a high quality dog bed, because Molosser breeds with their enormous size, are prone to all kind of pressure related joint problems. Bully beds was inspired by ‘Bull’ a 150-pound cane corso and offers some insights when purchasing a bed for your Molosser.

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This Issue

About Molosser World Magazine

Molosser World Magazine is the voice for the large dog working breed community and a staunch advocate for owners, breeders, and enthusiasts of the majestic molosser type breeds.

We don't refer to our dogs as fur babies, and you definitely won't find any matchy outfit advice for you and your dog to coordinate. We prefer our dogs large, powerful and bred with purpose!

Our contributors are leading experts in their fields of expertise and sometimes, their insights may be outside the mainstream or go against the grain, but as independent thinkers that's just the way we like it. Because we want to give you information that's ahead of the curve!

Get inspired by what other Molosser owners are doing and teaching, hear from experts sharing their strategies. Learn from our product reviews, apps and HD video tutorials within the magazine.

Reach out to global experts, make connections, participate and share experiences within our global platform. Save time and money with our hands on technology guides and how-to articles.

We release a new edition of Molosser World here on magsfast and also on dedicated IOS and Android apps every two months. You can purchase a single issue or get substantial discounts on monthly/annual subscriptions.

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