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FoundHER | Freedom Sisters Mission
An insider peek into the journey of the creative process and the reason the Freedom Sisters Magazine was created.
LeadHER | Vets for the People
In the wake of Spc. Vanessa Guillen's death, a new rising of justice fighters emerged. Pamela Campos-Palma is an incredible leadHER, a true lioness. She is on a mission to bring security, peace, and justice for those who served our country.
MotivateHER | Eight Steps to Start the New Year in Your Fitness Journey
Tips and tricks for how to jump starting your fitness journey in the new year!
ServeHER | Spice up the New Year
If you’re looking for a delicious dessert that is fun to make, don’t miss these Cake Ball Truffles!
TravelHER | Five Ways to Keep Your Spirits High in the New Year
Five ways you can participate and plan for adventures in the times of COVID-19. There's plenty to do and places to go so let this be your year of stepping out and having fun!
AdventureHER | Spicing up the New Year: Five Ways to Bring the Heat in 2021
Ideas to shake things up for continuing to learn and try new things while growing through adventures.
EncourageHER | Finding Your Value in Service
Women have changed the narrative in the military and for the better. Our value continues to evolve and all women are important in the process of this change.
EquipHER | Five Best Tips from My Time in the Navy
First you serve, then you survive and later you give advice for others to thrive.
EducateHER | Be a Life-long LearnHER
Education is more than earning a degree and lessons can be learned in every opportunity.
RemeberHER | Strength of a Woman
A personal story of how grit and determination can allow the past to manifest our future.
Military MotHERhood | A Challenging Blessing
One woman's journey through motherhood while serving on active duty.
Ask HER | Ask Pamela Campos-Palma
Your questions get answered by Pamela Campos-Palma.
InnovateHER | Carrie’s Brews
Coffee with a mission one cup at a time. One woman's incredible story of overcoming fear, depression, and anxiety.
InspireHER | Odyssey
The journey we have to travel to get to our intended destinations while seeking an identity post-service.
InfluenceHER | Finding Your Voice in the Veteran Space
Features Elizabeth Hartman, a financial advisor who has found her voice on social media.
InformHER | Doing a 180
Overview of DOD Skillbridge Program, an initiative focused on allowing transition service members to build their civilian career experience.
Benefit HER | Benefits for a healthier you
After serving, there are numerous resources and programs that help you be the healthiest woman warrior possible. In this article, discover three health benefits that are available to you that you are probably not using.
HealHER | Hindsight is 2020
Sometimes, life hurts. When we get knocked down, it can be hard to get back up but looking back can help clear a future path. Here are five tools for helping you reflect on the hard things you have been through.
BelieveHER | Why Growing your faith is the only resolution to a great new year
If you want 2021 to be different then the answer is growing your faith for a successful new year.
SistHERly Love | You are More than Enough
If you are struggling with feelings of inadequacy, perhaps this article will shine a line on how you are more than enough.
MendHER | A Journey to Real Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Relief
One woman’s courageous story of trying ketamine infusion therapy for PTSD relief and how it changed her daily life.

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About Freedom Sisters

Freedom Sisters Magazine is dedicated to sharing the service and success of women who have proudly served in the military.

It's for Women Veterans, military spouses, patriotic Americans, future female service members, and others curious about who Women Veterans are and how their contributions have impacted our county.

Our WriteERs have all served and give practical advice, skill-sharing, and knowledge that will support our sisters on their journey.

Available for desktop viewing through Magsfast's Desktop Reader or on IOS and Android tablets or smartphones through the Freedom Sisters Magazine app. Not available in print.

Annual subscription includes 12 issues starting with the most current issue. 

NOTE: Purchasing the subscription does not include receiving access to back issues. Back issues can be purchased individually.

Each issue (80+ pages) features:

  • HER Life: Food, Fitness, Travel, Adventure
  • MentHERship: Big sister advice for those who want to serve
  • HERstory: Honoring the legacy of women who served
  • Super SHEro: Features on Women Veteran FoundHERs or LeadHERs
  • HER Next Mission: Influencers, Innovations, Law/Policy, and Information/Benefits you should know 
  • Woman Warrior: Articles to support healing and wellness
  • SHEro Activation: Practical takeaways and fun ways for our ReadHERs to interact with other sisters


Amplify Women Veterans!

Publisher: Freedom Sisters
Published: Monthly
Language: English
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The Founder of Freedom Sisters, served in the U.S. Army for 12-years, starting as a Private First Class and exiting as a senior Captain.  During her time... read more

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