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RememberHER | Reminiscing with a 'Rosie'
Interview with a living legend and original ‘Rosie’, Elinor Otto. Learn about the emergence of women on the frontlines of riveting warplanes during WWII. This in-depth interview offers insight into the unique history of female riveters and Elinor, herself.
FoundHER | Veterans build a better America: Women General Contractors
Interview with Elizabeth “Liz” Perez, Elizabeth Perez is the President and Founder of GC Green Incorporated, a green building general contracting and consulting firm. Learn how she transitioned into the civilian world and leveraged her military story to put her power towards good!
LeadHER | The Power of the Pinup
Discover the award-winning nonprofit organization that produces WWII-style fundraiser calendars to support Veteran and Troop initiatives—Pin-Ups For Vets. Learn more about their amazing mission from an interview with the LeadHER of this amazing organization, Gina Elise, who is the granddaughter of a WWII veteran. Get inspired to embrace history, beauty, and community.
MotivateHER | PowHERful March, PowHERful you
This month, we recognize the strength of women and provide you with a workout for women of all ages! This workout will have you reaching for your workout gear, a water bottle, and your fitness goals. Join us for harnessing the powHER of March with this workout!
ServeHER | Say “Yes” to no-stress donuts!
Learn how to spice up your March and make quick and easy homemade mini cake donuts that you just can’t be denied! If you are looking for an easy and festive way to treat yourself for St. Paddy’s Day, we have the recipe for you!
TravelHER | It’s a [Wo]Man’s World: How Women Are Crushing Traditionally Male-Dominated Arenas
Have you ever wondered how to just take a break but still support women vetarn business organizations? Look inside to find out which WBVOs you can support while still taking a break, whether that be traveling, outdoor adventuring, or a nice staycation at home.
AdventureHER | Conquering Kilimanjaro—Take on that mountain!
Read about how overcoming the physical and mental mountains to achieve big goals in life isn’t much different from the physical and mental drive needed to conquer Mt. Kilimanjaro! If you’re looking to be inspired and find that extra drive to start or maintain your uphill course toward your goals then this article is for you!
EquipHER | What do you want from life?
Learn how a life coach can help you transition from the standardized military environment into the civilian life where decision fatigue is very real. If you have been struggling with decision-making, purpose, workouts, mentality, etc. read this article to find out if a coach may be right for you!
EncourageHER | Journey to success: ways to overcome obstacles and accomplish your goals
Learn about some tried and true tips for overcoming the obstacles life can throw in our paths. If you have ever found yourself experiencing a mental block or felt unmotivated to finish a goal you set out to accomplish, check out this article for tips on how to overcome the roadblocks to map out your path forward to success.
EducateHER | Finding harmony when balance isn’t an option
How do military women achieve balance? We don’t, not in the traditional sense. This is why it's time to ditch the idea that balance is the goal and instead focus on achieving work-life harmony. If you’ve been struggling to find balance, read this article to discover how harmony may be what you’re searching for in your life.
Military MotHERhood | A motHER's journey: From Heartache to Full House
A personal narrative that reflects the experience of one woman veteran, who boldly writes about her experience surrounding fertility issues and suffering miscarriages. Her journey to motHERhood is full of heartache and ends full of love. Women Veterans are tragically more likely to have pregnancy and fertility issues, it is our hope that through this story, others can possibly find answers in their own struggles to motHERhood. You are not alone.
InnovateHER | Women Vetreprenuers—Leap Without Regrets
The story of two female veterans who took the leap to “vetrepreneurship” and having looked back! Read about this month's featured women—Kristen Miller, Air Force Veteran, military spouse and ownHER of MilSO Box, and Nicole, an Air Force service member using phased-out uniforms to create military wreaths. If you are thinking about Vetreprenuership, find inspiration for your future here!
InspireHER | HERoic women who turn the patriarchal system upside down
This article discusses the lack of representation of Women as SHEroes since the dawn of time. This article takes it all the way back to the Bible to discuss the SHEroes that inspired the author and how those same struggles are still relevant to give you strength in today’s world.
InfluenceHER | BroJaq: Inside the influenceHER Hustle
An All-American badass babe who is fierce, fun and fabulously brilliant. Having served as a Navy Rescue Swimmer, a champion motocross racer, an expert gun professional and a future medical professional. BroJaq, proves that no matter the goal; hustle and authenticity are key to reaching the possible. Check out this month's influenceHER to ignite the badass in you!
InformHER | Preparing financially for post-service adventures
Tips from our sister veteran Audrey Godwin, founder and CEO of The Audrey Company, to empower women to write business financial plans and strategies for optimal profitability when they come off of active duty. This article can help you start thinking about your own financial plan to set yourself up for success post-military.
HealHER | You are good enough to pursue your passions
An inspiring and uplifting message to help you silence the negative self-talk that our inner narratives can sometimes have. This article will walk you through ways to find your passion by changing the narrative inside your head.
BelieveHER | Injustice Fatigue: How God’s character helps us persevere through an unjust world
We discuss how we can find hope and strength to move forward and fight for justice when injustice seems to be winning. Tap into the power and authority given to you to overcome the hardships and the battles against injustice.
Love HER | Inspired affirmations from the lives of women heroes
To honor Women's HERstory month we created seven affirmations inspired by amazing women servicemembers. You are the right woman for the job. You have gifts and talents that no one else possesses with your flair and personal touch. We hope that you screenshot an affirmation and use it as your screensaver on your phone or tablet as a remindHER of who you are and what you bring to the world around you!
MendHER | Float your mind and the rest will follow
We examine the history and use of floatation therapy to treat the symptoms of PTSD, chronic fatigue and illness and a myriad of other symptoms and illnesses plaguing veterans. See how sensory deprivation can help your mind relax and allow your body to begin the healing process. If you suffer from PTSD, depression, pain or anxiety....float therapy just might be the perfect choice for you!

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About Freedom Sisters

Freedom Sisters Magazine is dedicated to sharing the service and success of women who have proudly served in the military.

It's for Women Veterans, military spouses, patriotic Americans, future female service members, and others curious about who Women Veterans are and how their contributions have impacted our county.

Our WriteERs have all served and give practical advice, skill-sharing, and knowledge that will support our sisters on their journey.

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Annual subscription includes 12 issues starting with the most current issue. 

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Each issue (80+ pages) features:

  • HER Life: Food, Fitness, Travel, Adventure
  • MentHERship: Big sister advice for those who want to serve
  • HERstory: Honoring the legacy of women who served
  • Super SHEro: Features on Women Veteran FoundHERs or LeadHERs
  • HER Next Mission: Influencers, Innovations, Law/Policy, and Information/Benefits you should know 
  • Woman Warrior: Articles to support healing and wellness
  • SHEro Activation: Practical takeaways and fun ways for our ReadHERs to interact with other sisters


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