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FoundHER | Mutt Sauce
Interview with Charlynda Scales, the FoundHER of Mutt Sauce. Discover the woman behind the sauce: a woman, mother and veteran. Her love for others is the foundation of her success. Find out more inside!
LeadHER | FOB Hope
Interview with Monique Brown, the LeadHER of FOB Hope. Like so many who leave the military, we long to continue to serve others, Monique Brown has found purpose by helping homeless veterans right where they are, providing them with items they need to survive living on the streets. After a veteran died in the park, using the Warrior Ethos as her guide, began her mission at FOB Hope.
MotivateHER | Five benefits of training with an online trainer
A breakdown of the top five benefits of training with an online personal trainer to help reach your fitness goals. Discover the help and accountability you need right in the privacy of your own home. Reach those goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.
ServeHER | Woman Kind: A sweet twist on Valentine's
Learn how to make a Chocolatey Chocolate Cake Loaf just in time for Valentine’s Day! If you still want to spread love in the midst of a pandemic, you can bake your friend's delectable cake loaf and wrap it up in pretty paper, and leave a sweet surprise on their porch! Spread love and kindness.
TravelHER | Show SisHERly love from a distance
Listicle outlining the different kinds of virtual events to have with female friends, and the different types of technology you can use to make the events happen. Don’t let distance outshine your creativity, host a virtual gathering your friends won’t soon forget.
EncourageHER | Advice from a RecruitHER
What everyone should know before meeting with a recruiter. Best advice for the military job interview. You want to serve? Read this article for practical tips to succeed by launching your career in the military.
EquipHER | FollowHERs, LeadHERs, MentHERs—OH MY!
Self development and value of career while finding sisters to support and share in mentorship. Do you long for a mentor or maybe need to be a mentor yourself for others? Women are discovering the important value of mentHERship and you can find valuable tips right her to start being a good mentor today!
EducateHER | Education is a ‘combat multiplier’ of your service
How to pursue long term goals by utilizing educational assistance during your time in service or through a veteran’s education program. Ready to set yourself apart when it comes to civilian competition in the workforce? It starts with education coupled with your military experience. Fun fact women veterans are more likely to have a higher level of education than nonveteran women.
RememberHER | Cathay Williams: Just One of Many We Should Know
Women who have made a mark in military history or in your military career. This article is to highlight and celebrate our black sisters who have stepped up to serve and make a lasting impact for our country. When you discover these stories, you will be reminded of the wonderful sisters you served with and celebrate her.
Military MotHERhood | Mom Comes Home: rediscovering motherhood post-deployment
A personal narrative of relearning to be a mother after returning home from deployment. Mothers can experience shame and guilt returning home and we never talk about that experience. You are not alone in the emotional rollercoaster of military motHERhood.
InnovateHER | Get the J-O-B: convert military skills into 'Civilianese'
Veteran business owner, Martha Lozano, and how her business can help veterans translate their military experience and skillsets into a sought after resume for the Civilian job market. If you are looking for a job post-service, this article is a must-read to set yourself up for success.
InspireHER | Participatory Democracy: Veteran Voices
Information on how to use your voice as a veteran to become a changemaker within participatory democracy. You have witnessed HERstory this past presidential election, the power of your voice matters on all levels of democracy. You have more than earned your right to stand up and let your voice be heard.
InfluenceHER | Showing up and asking ‘What if?’
Featuring Nancy Harrity, the master storyteller who is embarking on a mission to help others tell their stories and find their voices. You have a story and the world needs to hear it. Read this article to see how our sister, Nancy Harrity has become the master storyteller.
InformHER | Be an MVP for your education
Interview with a Transition Manager at a local Military and Veterans Program (MVP) to discuss the importance of making a plan for post-military life. Have you already spent all your GI Bill and still have years of schooling ahead of you? Well, here is a program you may not know about, find out more and become an MVP in your education as well!
Benefit HER | Our Hearts and Minds
Overview of the VA Women Veterans Health Program and the Center for Women Veterans (CWV) meant to encourage when to seek benefits in a safe and supportive space. You want to see a change in the VA medical system, you got to show up and participate. Our voices cannot be heard if we don’t speak up.
HealHER | Unseen Battle Scars: not all wounds are visible
The importance of recognizing emotional trauma and ways to be the support you need. Have you deployed? Have you experienced any level of pain as a result of your service? Well, you are not alone and this article will be a source for you to read over and over, to know that you matter and we believe in you. Find out how to get the care you need and now that you are worthy of healing, even if the wounds are unseen.
BelieveHER | True Identity: fearfully and wonderfully made
Finding out who you are when the uniform comes off. Women service members get their identities caught up in their rank, uniform and MOS, but what happens when you leave the military….who are you then? This incredibly powerful article is a reminder of who God says you are.
MendHER | Waves of Relief: Alpha-stim therapy
We examine the small sized therapy that really makes waves with anxiety, depression and insomnia. Have you tried traditional medications to eliminate your anxiety and depression with little or no change? Do you still suffer from insomnia and feel like you will never be free from the pain of your past? Read this article for an alternative therapy that may help you finally have the freedom you have desired for so long.

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Freedom Sisters Magazine is dedicated to sharing the service and success of women who have proudly served in the military.

It's for Women Veterans, military spouses, patriotic Americans, future female service members, and others curious about who Women Veterans are and how their contributions have impacted our county.

Our WriteERs have all served and give practical advice, skill-sharing, and knowledge that will support our sisters on their journey.

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  • Super SHEro: Features on Women Veteran FoundHERs or LeadHERs
  • HER Next Mission: Influencers, Innovations, Law/Policy, and Information/Benefits you should know 
  • Woman Warrior: Articles to support healing and wellness
  • SHEro Activation: Practical takeaways and fun ways for our ReadHERs to interact with other sisters


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