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FoundHER | Social Justice for one, social justice for all!
BriGette McCoy is known in the women veteran community for her nonprofit Women Veteran’s Social Justice Network, but today we go beyond her commitment to giving back and look at her consulting business. BriGette is a true example of altruism and her experience coupled with wisdom and innovative processes, any woman veteran seeking to be a better businesswoman has an ally with BriGette. With her no one size fits all approach, you will get a personalized experience when you work with her. Learn more here.
LeadHER | SWAN leads from the front
Share in one woman’s harrowing journey through deployment injuries, fertility issues, pregnancy loss and her fight for others with SWAN. This story discusses miscarriage and pregnancy loss which may be distressing for some women.
MotivateHER | A New Joint is Born
This month, we recognize the strength of women and provide you with a workout for women of all ages! This workout will have you reaching for your workout gear, a water bottle, and your fitness goals. Join us for this important mobility workout, your joints will thank you!
BakeHER | Strawberry Chamomile Naked Cake
If Spring were a cake recipe, it would be this! Learn how to make a light, fluffy, and perfectly sweet cake that will keep you happy into the summer. Take a break from spring cleaning and bake yourself a reward you won’t regret!
TravelHER | Renew, Recharge and Restore: Using the Three R’s as a Positive Response to Trauma
Travel tips and ideas on getaways aimed at restoring your body and mind. This is more than vacation advice, these trips have the goal of helping you move past trauma and embark on a spiritual journey. You are worth it!
EncourageHER | Military Women’s Memorial Wants to Know Your Story: Register Today!
The 5 W's of the Military Women’s Memorial. This article encourages women to register with the memorial to tell/preserve their stories, which is free! Ladies, for too long our stories have not been a part of history, now is the time to make HERstory known.
EquipHER | Do you bloom or do you transplant? Only you can answer that question.
How do you know when it’s time to bloom, replant or nourish? Read this article for one woman’s insight into the beauty behind knowing when to transplant yourself. A deeply reflective article for you to ponder and grow into your fullness.
EducateHER | Mission First, MotHERhood Always.
Are you a military motHER struggling to find quality child care? This article tells one woman’s story of the trials of finding good child care and discusses the services provided by ChildCare Aware of America. If you are a mom in the military, you most likely qualify for this program. Dive into the information and help your family succeed with obtaining the quality care you all deserve.
RememberHER | Taking Care of Each OtHER
April is Sexaul Assault Awareness Month and we reflect on the power of being there for one anotHER. 1 in 3 women who serve will have experience Military Sexual trauma on some level, ladies, it is time to reclaim our powHER and stand up for ourselves and the future of the female force. You are not alone.
Military MotHERhood | Child care workers, crucial to military readiness
More than half of women who serve are also motHERs. We know that we need to be mission ready at all times, but finding good quality care can seem hard. A lot of women struggle to find a caregiveHER they can trust and sometimes settle for less than perfect care. No where in the handbook does it say once you pick a provider you have to stay. One military MotHERs journey and advice for otHERs to be empowHERed to find the best fit for your family!
InnovateHER | From Trauma to “Om”
We all have a story, this one started in hopes of a brighter future that trauma tried to steal. After years of simply surviving, one military veteran finds healing and solace in yoga. Clarizza Pazz shares the lessons she has learned on the journey of healing with otHERs...find out how.
InspireHER | Under the Red Tent – A Woman’s Sanctuary (Refuge)
The Red Tent was their refuge, the sanctuary to just be as simply as their own being. There, in the Red Tent is where the exposure of being a woman is pure and natural. Read this piece to connect with your inner womanhood.
InfluenceHER | Ready—One, Two, Brie!
Brie Burgett is a high octane influenceHER using her social media platform to spread positivity and adventure with her followers. Check out this article to see how she uses her social media presence to build a community while focusing on travel and adventure, which she blogs about in addition to writing about health and fitness.
InformHER | The Great Beyond
Stephanie Gattas and the Pink Berets are helping women find powHER after trauma. Read this article for some insight to keep you powHERful and learn all about the incredible opportunities available with the Pink Berets.
BenefitHER | Home can be your safe haven
Are you looking to use your VA home loan but don’t know where to start? Join the club! Don’t worry, we have you covered! Check out this piece to learn how to confidently purchase a home using your VA loan.
HealHER | Brave and beautiful SurviveHER
Like many right now, you may find yourself struggling. If you are in need of finding your strength to overcome your struggle then this article is for you! There is strength in your vulnerability!
Love HER | The great strength of a tender heart
Have ever found yourself feeling disapproval whenever your soft side kicks in and suppressed it so you could be accepted in the ‘boys club’? If so, this article about identifying your womanly strength and embracing who you are may resonate deeply within you.
BelieveHER | Shut the Mouths Of Lions: A modern day miracle
Young Cpl. The Ohu is locked in the brig after a breakdown as a result of multiple failures of the USMC. The day prosecutors motioned for a gag order, prayer warriors came togetHER in hopes that they wouldn’t succeed. Find out about the incredible miracle witnessed that day!

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