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You Are Built to Fly
Film maker, Julian Freeman, interviews psychiatrist, Bill Pettit, about our innate, self-correcting system, that is designed to allow us to soar through life.
Reimagining Our Spiritual Communities
Three Principles Practitioner and podcast host, Del Adey-Jones, speaks with Alvin Dawkins, jazz bassist and fellow spiritual practitioner, in a poignant conversation about unconscious bias surrounding social and economic issues, and how spiritual leaders can effect change.
Wanting or Needing?
Emiliano Sigales, The Transformation Journey podcast host, interviews author and Toltec master of transformation, Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr, in this powerful podcast about letting go of attachment.
You Are a Beautiful Soul
Let magic into your life; let love in, by Stars of Well Being - It’s What’s Inside That Counts.
The Arbitrary Nature of Feeling Unworthy
Transformational coach and trainer, licensed marriage and family therapist, and former international model, Rohini Ross, explains how real it may feel, that something outside of us, can have significant meaning about our value and worth as a human being (spoiler alert… it doesn’t).
The Sacred Power of Spirit
Author, mentor, and President of ACT training, Harry Derbitsky, shares a powerful excerpt about the mystical gifts of Spirit from an Indigenous perspective, from his latest book, Evolution of Addiction Recovery Re-Opened - Book 2.
Can We Get Beyond Trauma?
Co-hosts of the podcast series, Psychology Has It Backwards, Christine Health and Judith Sedgeman, with combined experience that spans decades as mental well-being professionals, discuss knowing how the mind works and what the past really is, empowers us to move beyond personal trauma.
Beyond Recovery- Making a Difference in the UK Criminal Justice System
This issue features Jacqueline Hollows and her team, who are revolutionizing the criminal justice system in the UK, with services and programs that provide support for offenders in the prison system, with helpful tools to move past addiction, mental health issues, and offending behavior, with amazing results to include decrease in anger, anxiety, and more.
The Mystical Poetess Collection
Poet, psychology major, and health advocate Leanne Webber, delights with excerpts from her thought provoking poetry collection, poetry readings, with powerful still images by Lucy Jane Purrington.
Banned UK Artist Launches Solo Exhibition
UK painter, former head of a secondary school academy in Norfolk, coach, education consultant, and highly sought after artist, Terri Broughton, gives us a sneak peak of her upcoming solo exhibition, Inside Out, which is an artistic response to her own personal history.
Eligies: A Compilation of Poems, Musings, and Photography
Professional golfer, zen coach, yoga teacher, writer, and poet, Gavin Long, invites us into his deeply personal world, in this collection of poems and accompanying photography.
Deacon’s Shellfish Chowder
Doc Off Clock’s Kat Seibert, elaborates on her version of this famous recipe, found in Here’s To Us by E. Hilderbrand.
Keto Peanut Butter Cookies
A Simple Low Carb Life’s easy 5 ingredient, peanut butter cookies, that are both keto friendly and gluten free, are the bomb! Who says eating healthy has to taste bad?
Lafaya Mitchell - Healing Tough Relationships
Author of Taming the Tech Monster, business coach, online tech mentor, and podcast host, Anke Herrmann, interviews Lafaya Mitchell, author of The Lafaya Way. Lafaya has decades of experience in providing culturally sensitive care, for difficult to treat populations. Learn about her methods to promote living one’s “honest truth”.

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