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The New Way to See Life
Filmmaker Julian Freeman features Dr. Dicken Bettinger, author and clinical psychologist, who discusses a new perspective on psychology.
The Art of Creativity
Podcast host and Three Principles Practitioner, Del Adey-Jones speaks with artist, fellow Three Principles practitioner and podcaster, Nina Lockwood, who specializes in conversations that promote creativity.
Love Is Love
Co-founders of How to Connect with Humans, Caroline Barker and Wayne Yates, masterfully interview Israel-based teacher, Yael Abramson, as she reveals her profound insights on self-acceptance, along with some surprise guests. (Spoiler alert - have tissues handy for this deeply moving interview).
Summer's Twilight
A short film to create a meditative mood, featuring the natural wonder of Antony Cove in Cornwall, UK, by Stars of Well-Being.
The Road to Oz
Author of Uncovery, former dancer, and coach Amanda Jones, shares her journey as a professional dancer and how she innocently devel-oped an eating disorder as a result of not understanding where her feelings were coming from, in the first chapter of her remarkable book.
Boggarts (and Other Difficult People)
Founder of Solcare, Juliet Fay reveals how we can more effectively deal with difficult people. It may not be how you think! She includes her podcast: Getting Real Around Emotions, with co-host, Carla Royal, from the podcast series - Riffing on Realness.
The Number One Secret - Nobody Tells You About Self-Esteem
UK based Quantum Change coach, Janet Rhynie outlines the true source of self-esteem and how this knowledge can change your perspective.
Inside a Volunteer’s World
Jenny Lavender, Manager of Volunteer Services at Southern Ohio Medical Center, invites us into the rewarding world of volunteer-ing during the pandemic, demonstrating the importance of being in the service of others when they need it the most (even when it becomes difficult to do).
SICK, The Movie
UK Filmmaker and Youth Unity’s co-founder, Paul McKenzie, showcases his latest London Inter-national Film Festival award winning short film, SICK - The Movie; a powerful story about mental health in young people and how to recognize the early signs.
The Mystical Poetess Collection
Enjoy evocative poetry by Leanne Webber, as she performs readings from excerpts of her insightful and masterful poetry collection, accompanied by unique still images by Lucy Jane Purrington.
Eligies and Musings
Savor poignant poetry and scenic photography by Zen coach, poet, and professional golfer Gavin Long, as he invites us to explore his deeply personal thoughts.
Keto Sandwich Nut Bread
A tasty and simple, gluten-free bread recipe for anyone wanting to eat a healthier diet. Learn how to make delicious keto sand-wich bread at home, in less than an hour, from prep to out of the oven. The main ingredient will be a big surprise!
Catalina Crunch Snack Mix Review
If you are looking for a salty, crunchy snack that will not add to your waistline or create out of control cravings, look no further.
Passion Business Podcast 31 - Business Mindset Mastery for Women
Anke Herrmann treats us to an entertaining and insightful conversation featuring Therese Skelly, counselor turned entrepreneur, who assists mission-driven women to make to more money, by doing what they love.

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