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The Power of Presence
Dr. Judith Sedgeman reminds us of the tremendous power of the present moment, in this short film by Julian Freeman.
So You’ve Got Cancer — Now What?
Transformational mindset coach, speaker, and retreat leader, Maureen York, discusses her personal experience with cancer and how it changed the direction of her life.
Wednesday with Wendi
In this moving video, the late Wendi Saggese, shares her profound insights on living life to the fullest, in spite of having a terminal illness.
I Was Found In the Moment
Dare2BU founders, Debra Simmons and Bec Sheffield, describe how being “lost in the moment” can be transformed into being “found in the moment”. A profound reminder of embracing the present.
Spiritual Activism
Del Adey-Jones, Insightful Conversations Podcast host, interviews Rohini Ross and Ami Chen Mills-Naim, as they take a deep dive into Black Lives Matter, Climate Change, and their lived experiences with social injustice, from a spiritual perspective.
Be Still by Peter Wilson
Find a quiet place to enjoy this short video that promotes meditation and reflection. Stillness is the key to the kingdom within.
Hey Insight!
In this creative and brilliant dialogue, Siobhán Friel interviews INSIGHT, while masterfully instructing the Human Species in how insight really works.
You Are Not Your Thinking
The remedy for anxiety is found in how we interact with our thinking, according to Nicola Bird, who outlines how to see thoughts as temporary visitors, rather than a true commentary on who she really is.
An Afternoon in Paradise
There is beauty and simplicity in observing nature, that can connect you to the wonders within.
Water is the Way
Gary White and actor Matt Damon, joined forces to create Water Org, an organization that creates innovative ways to address the global water crisis. Addressing water inequities, breaks the cycle of poverty, protects and saves lives, and makes a bright future possible for all.
What Creativity Means to Me
Abstract UK artist, Lucy Sheffield, who specializes in Seascapes, describes her transition from having an unhealthy relationship with alcohol to becoming a full-time artist and author.
The Mystical Poetess
Leanne Webber, UK poet, continues to delight, with her unique poetry and poetry performance.
Rising UK Artist - Melissa Danielle Art
Enjoy the artistry of Melissa Danielle Art (Melissa Foster), a rising star in the UK art world.
Feelings Are Like Waves
Thoughts come and go. They can act like a bridge between the spiritual and mortal world or become a selfish master.
Mindfulness and Meditation Tips
Founder of Doc Off Clock and practicing rheumatologist, Kat Seibert, reviews meditation apps and gives some helpful tips on the power of practicing mind-fulness in medicine.
Keto Peanut Butter Fudge
A healthier but equally delicious version of a family favorite, by A Simple Low Carb Life.
Turning a Career Break Into a Way of Life
Podcast host and online tech mentor, Anke Herrmann, interviews world traveler, Heather Markel, who transitioned from a 25 year career in corporate America, to traveling full-time. She now teaches others how to travel full-time themselves, while earning additional income to fund their travel. You really can turn your passion into a way of life!

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