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Are Your Feelings Always a Reliable Guide?
Best selling author and executive coach, Jamie Smart, explains what our feelings are REALLY telling us.
Calling On Our Better Angels
How ordinary people can rise up during difficult times, to make a difference.
I'll Be Happy When
Lizzie Paish, coach and podcast host, reveals how these four words can paralyze our lives and how to change the narrative.
Busting the Myths of Childlessness
Author and coach, Vivienne Edgecombe, provides hope for women who may be feeling that they are not quite good enough.
Make Love For Life
Dr. Anne Curtis, shares her expertise on relationships and intimacy, in this personal story about her own journey.
Don’t Turn Your Passion Into a Business To Find Happiness
Passion business coach and entrepreneur, Anke Herrmann, lends her expertise on how to avoid some of the pitfalls of having your own business.
Turning Grief Into Hope
Steve and Virgie Hunter’s life dramatically changed in an instant. Out of their grief, the Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund was born.
Down Home Groovin'
Big Al the the Heavyweights, delivers a foot stomping dose, of their Lousiana brand of roots music, in this review of their seventh album, World Full of Trouble, which includes videos of the band.
Inspiration Can Come From Anywhere
Lilly Frank, artist and painter ,who has worked in the Hollywood film industry for decades, reveals her personal inspiration.
Fritz Perls, the World Needs You More Than Ever
Gestalt therapist and author, Drew Coster, MS, shares his tips on developing personal freedom.
Practical Keto Resources for Healthy Living
The Keto Diet is demystified, with tons of free resources for personal success, at your fingertips, from A Simple Low Carb Life.

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About Magnificent Metamorphosis Magazine

Magnificent Metamorphosis Magazine - Inspiration for Positive Change is a mindfulness-based magazine that provides the reader who is seeking hope, fulfillment, and deeper meaning in life with educational, entertaining, and inspiring articles that promote positive change and personal insight. Each quarterly issue includes impactful articles in featured sections, from thought leaders and experts on Mindfulness, People for Positive Change, Arts and Music, Healthy Living, Passion Business and more! 


Each issue of Magnificent Metamorphosis Magazine is designed to create an environment that is conducive to reflection, introspection, and inner transformation, arising from undiscovered wisdom within. 


If you are looking for positive and thought-provoking artcles that inspire you to make positive changes in your life, look no further!


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