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Interview with Cover Artist Alisse Courter
Alisse Courter’s brush marker creations are guaranteed to stop you in your “swipe-up” tracks on Instagram. Find out how she developed her unique style.
Acts of Kindness: Thank You Cards
Make people happy and practice your brush lettering at the same time. Say "Thank you" to waitstaff and others who help you throughout your day.
Bold and Fearless Art
Peggy Dean - Learning the basics of any art form is the first step. Making it your style takes stepping out.
Evolving Styles
Want to develop your own calligraphy style? Try posting a different calligraphy style every day on Instagram for 365 days! That’s what Selena Ashley, a graphic designer and calligrapher from Michigan, did back in 2015 when she became serious about studying calligraphy.
Blending with Brush Markers
Tutorial: Cecilia Doing Art - Enhance your brush lettering with blending techniques.
Floral Alphabet
Tutorial: Beatriz Rodriguez - Design a complete floral alphabet in script style.
Chinese "Fai Chun" Card
Tutorial: Kalo Make Art - Create a "Fai Chung" card - a decoration for Chinese New Year.
Brush Pen Comparison
Loveleigh Loops Product Review: Sixteen popular brush pens face off in an elimination tournament to determine which one is the best pen overall.
The Fabulous Flowers of Fritzi Harry
Product Review: Fritzi's book shows quick florals using brush markers
Aquino Ruler
Product Review: Aquino da Silva, owner of AB Calligraphy Supply in Macau, China has designed a new tool for quickly drawing Spencerian and Engrosser Script guidelines.
The Evolution of Crayligraphy
Behind the Scenes: Colin Tierney introduces Crayligraphy, the perfect way for beginners to start and then transition into other worlds of letterforms.
Crayligraphy Educraytors critique student work.
Ask a Lettering Expert
Got a calligraphy or lettering-related question you’ve always been curious about? We take your burning questions and serve up a hot dish of the answers you’ve been searching for.
The Truth About Choosing the Best Paper for Brush Lettering
The type of paper you use determines how long your brush pens will last. Find out which papers will let your markers last longer.
Brush Lettering Tips for Left-Handers
Missy Briggs - Brush lettering is not harder for left-handers, just different. Adjust what you've learned to fit your writing style.
Best Brush Beginner Tips
Kelly Klapstein - Make the most of your brush lettering practice time.
Instagram Challenges
Need some inspiration to practice your calligraphy or hand lettering? Instagram challenges can help!
InkMeThis Pens
For dip pen and ink, the pen itself can make all the difference. Read how Kestrel Montes started making her own.
IAMPETH Aha! Moments
Some moments of learning can change your entire outlook. Here are some lightbulb ideas from established calligraphers who attended the 2019 IAMPETH conference.
Works of art by Melinda Lerwill, John Stevens, Alyssa Lord, Andre Cataluna, Norman Bauzon, and Cindy Haller.
A little history of the talented artists who contributed to this issue.

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