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Cover Artist Mike Ward
Mike is famous for his ornamental signature designs. He now applies his flourishing skills to foiling on leather.
Ceramic Paint Pots
Creative tools make calligraphy fun. Amity Parks' ceramic dishes hold your inks, paints, and decorate your workspace.
Wedding Aisle Runners
Contributing to a special wedding atmosphere, Angela Welch's artistic runners make the wedding day memorable.
Animal Skins
Branch out to use mediums of all kinds. Angela Welch's showcases her calligraphy on animal skins.
Home Decor
Personalizing your surroundings is part of the fun of having a home. Maria Thomas' clock, floor mat, and dessert china shine with her creativity and inspiration.
Wire Name Jewelry
Many ideas can lead to fun businesses. Deanne Watson shares about starting her wire name jewelry adventure.
Leather Jacket Art
Alli Koch's stand-out calligraphy and drawing style can be found on leather jackets, bandanas, cell phone cases, and billboards!
Car Lettering
This flashy, off-the-cuff lettering by Rainer Wiebe shows what you can do with a few markers and your car.
Silk Scarf Decoration
Kathryn Barker's lettered silk scarves are a flowing fashion statement.
Metal Engraving
Detail is the name of the game with master engraver Rick Simmons' intricate designs.
Name Pendants
Crystal Kluge designs personalized name pendants die cut in metal.
Glass Writing
Lettering ink on glass is a popular twist and Jen Grove has it down pat. See her tiny painted letters and florals on glass.
Glass Engraving
Glass etching and engraving makes long lasting sentiments beautiful. Maureen Vickery shares samples of items she engraves for special occasions.
Watercolor Embroidery Panels
Natalie Mahan shows that combining calligraphy with watercolor and embroidery results in artwork that most anyone can learn to do with great results.
Embellished Suitcase
You'll want to carry on this decorated suitcase and keep it for your travels for years to come. Learn what Tania Hearn did to make her luggage stand out.
Laser Cutting & Engraving
Jessica Yee shares the variety of surfaces you can etch or cut with laser engraving.
Handmade Journals
Selfies are nice, but not nearly as crafty as Jose Naranja's detailed handmade journals. The records of his travels are stunning works of art that everyone wants to see.
Sign Painting
Many stores use hand-lettered signs to guide customers through their offerings. Trader Joe's took this art up a notch with Valarie Williams' talent.
Brush Letting on Anything (almost)
If it stands still, Linda Schneider may letter on it! Paint on a bear, or calligraphy on an onion? Awesome!
Tutorial: Make Your Own Stamps
Stamps are great for journaling, stationery, and gift tags. Melissa Eplin teaches how to make rubber stamps from your own designs.
Tutorial: Floating Monogram Resin Tray
Missy Briggs shows how to encase a monogram design in resin for a vanity tray.
Tutorial: Lettering on Clothing
Wear your calligraphy around for all to see! Hats and shirts are great for showing off your art, as Linda Schneider demonstrates.
Tutorial: Cookie Writing
Your cookies can be the talk of your next party! See how Carla Hagan writes on cookies for tasty calligraphy.
Tutorial: Painted Cookies
Natalie Mahan shows how to paint floral designs on homemade macarons, almost to pretty to eat!
Tutorial: Let's Get Lost Together Suitcase
Decorating a vintage suitcase takes coordinated choices. Follow Tania Hearn's process of creating this eye-catching travel bag.
Tutorial: Calligraphic Scarves
From the purchased scarf, to dying and lettering: see how Kathy Barker makes her personalized creations.
Pilot Parallel Pen - Review
Melissa Esplin discusses the best uses for this popular on-the-go broad pen.
The Creative Kinds - Review
Someone has to make the paints for artists to create with, and small companies are great at it! Learn about the manufacture of artisan paints for watercolor and calligraphy.
Beginner Calligraphy Questions
Every calligrapher starts at the beginning. Here are some questions that have helped others surmount hurdles along the way.
Letter Spacing
A little set up and forethought makes spacing your letters a breeze.
Inspiration vs. Imitation
You can find ideas everywhere around you, but make sure your designs are uniquely yours.
Amity Parks' Paint Pot Process
See behind-the-scenes of how Amity crafts her decorative dishes for herself and others.
Valarie Williams: The Art of Signs
Yes, the signs at Trader Joe stores are hand drawn. Read Valarie's story of how they do it, and marvel at her many examples.
Felicia Tan: Fearlessly Exploring New Mediums
Venture out with Felicia Tan as she discusses her love of experimentation.
Mermaid Book
Laurie Pearson outlines her project for creating a handmade book.
Kim Cook - Post Studio Projects
Watch a laser cutter/engraver effortlessly carve modern lettering. At Post-Studio Projects, you can design with lettering to your heart's content.
Breaking the Rules
What is the balance between knowing the rules that make art, and leaving them behind?
Pointed Pen Collective
England is a great place to maintain the traditions of studying calligraphy. Read about how Kate Watson endeavours to hold workshops in wonderfully historic backdrops.
The Unique Business of Brian Smith
Brian Smith hand-turns treasured nib holders for traditional calligraphy. See his methods that result in beautiful and unique tools.
Gallery One
Examples of lettering on mirrors, acrylics, and wood signs
Gallery Two
Examples of lettering on paper, rocks, signage, and staircase.
Aha! Moments - Letters California Style 2019
Calligraphy students share the calligraphy secrets they learned during this annual event.
For Your Amusement: Travel Fashion Girl
Travel Fashion Girl - a web site that shows you how to travel the world with one carry-on suitcase.
Read short biographies about our contributors.

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