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Whimsical lettering conveys joy, spontaneity, and liveliness... perfect for happy mail, humorous quotes, and cheerful gifts. If you want to develop a casual, modern style that doesn't follow formal calligraphy exemplars, this issue will inspire you to cut loose and play with your letters.
Meet our Cover Artist - Crystal Kluge
She was a modern calligrapher before modern calligraphy was cool. Since starting her freelance calligraphy and illustration business, Crystal Kluge’s designs have graced magazine pages, giftware, stationery, advertising campaigns, logos, store fronts, and art museum walls.
The Story of Modern Storybook Script - Kathy Milici
Modern Storybook Script is Kathy Milici’s whimsical, casual style of writing. She eventually designed this simplified version of Copperplate-turned-Vertical, with quirky caps and a bouncy baseline, to be an inviting introduction to pointed pen calligraphy for her students.
Celebrating 70 Years - Lori Vliegen
A design like this can go in many directions. graduation for someone special, a wedding celebration, a baby’s birth, etc. Lori shares her process with you so that you can create something similar for your next milestone celebration.
Quilling Paper Capitals - Anna Chiara Valentini
Quilling is the craft of manipulating and combining paper coils into whimsical novelties or masterful works of art. Anna Chiara Valentini, a Paris-born architect turned full-time quilling artist, designs intricate wall art using colorful strips of paper and a few simple tools.
Playful Prose & Lively Letters - Mike Gold and Brenda Walton
Creating artwork to surprise and delight the viewer is a worthwhile goal for any calligrapher. Mike Gold and Brenda Walton are masters at this endeavor, playing with line, shapes, form, color and collage in their calligraphy compositions.
The Art of Whimsical Lettering: The Lettering Equation - Joanne Sharpe
Joanne's lettering style is about reinventing letter-making as an art form. Unlike the practice of calligraphy, she sets no rules for creating lettering styles. This is where her lettering equation was defined and formulated.
Adding Serifs Responsibly - Melissa Esplin
Serifs are a small detail that make a huge stylistic impact in your lettering.
The Silent Hand - Carol Pallesen
The Silent Hand is a monoline version of an Italic alphabet that is a fun, casual hand for cards, books, etc.
The Explosion Card - Carol Pallesen
The Explosion Card may look complicated at first but it’s made from simple folding techniques. Your recipient will be delighted to open it and see your message revealed inside.
Easter Card - Maureen Vickery
This card celebrates spring flowers and the quintessential chocolate Easter bunny. The techniques you’ll learn can be applied to any type of design where you’d like to embellish lettering with floral elements.
Vintage Sign Inspired by Bridgerton - Marie Coleman-Johns
Marie teaches her technique for creating sustainable signage for a Bridgerton-themed styled shoot.
Custom Ergonomic Pens - Maureen Vickery
Writing with a pen specifically designed to fit your hand is an exciting prospect, and can reduce hand fatigue. The penmakers at My Beloved Calligraphy can design and deliver one to you, fast and easy.
Peasant Ruler - Karla Hamilton
Peasant rulers are Karla's favorite trick for ensuring accurate spacing on complex calligraphy layouts. Since learning how to create peasant rulers, She's never used a T-square to draw guidelines on her paper.
How to Say No Gracefully - Kathy Milici
There are times in your life and business when you need to say no to a calligraphy project. This can be more challenging than it seems, especially when you’re trying to grow your business.

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Calligraphy Crush is dedicated to the artistry of modern calligraphy, historical letterforms, hand lettering, watercolor illustration, stationery, and all things enhanced with beautiful writing.

It's for calligraphers, hand letterers, and other creatives who joyfully letter as a hobby, side hustle, or full-time business. 

We inspire creatives to dive into the nitty-gritty of calligraphy and refine their lettering into amazing art with aha! moments they discover in the magazine.

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